Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Chapter Six

Only a short chapter as I'm meant to be studying....

Deborah ran her hands through her hair, letting her fringe fall back into place. She stared at herself in the small mirror. She was angry and upset. Angry with Glen for contacting her and angry with herself for reacting. Here she was in the most romantic city in the world, with the object of most red blooded women’s fantasies and she was reacting to a text from her ex boyfriend. People would say it proved she wasn’t over him but she knew she was; had been for about six months. Why would he not leave her alone?

Glen had started texting her again about two weeks previously and at first she’d been surprised to hear from him and just a little but glad that things obviously weren’t working out for him and Lisa and she’d text back. Before she knew it he was texting her all day, everyday. She ignored it at first then he called her to see why she wasn’t answering his texts.

She shook her head and, making sure her make up was in place, made her way back up the stairs to the others. She fixed a big smile on her face that, if you looked closely, didn’t quite reach her eyes.

Jon always looked closely.

“Hey babe, how are you?” Jen asked quietly, leaning across the table.

“I’m fine. Listen,” she turned to look at all three of them, “I’m sorry for running off like that and bringing the mood down, it’s just it's my ex and he won’t stop texting me and I guess it just got on top of me, that’s all.”

Jon looked at the slight puffiness around her eyes and his mouth thinned. He reached out to take her hand just as her mobile rang. Before she could react Jon whipped it from her and answered it.


“Hi, is Debs there?”

“She can’t come to the phone right now, can I ask who’s calling?” Jon’s tone was icy.

“Uh, it’s Glen, I really need to talk to her.”

“Ain’t gonna happen.”

“What? Who the hell are you to say that?” Glen asked, irate.

“Her partner, and seeing as you’re only her ex, take my advice and fuck off.” there was the slightest hint of sarcasm in Jon’s controlled tone.

“What?” Glen spluttered, “Who the fuck do you think you are to talk to me like that?”

“Jon Bon Jovi, that’s who I am.” and with that Jon clicked the phone off.

Deborah was like a rabbit in headlights. She didn’t know whether to hug Jon for what he had done or be appalled. She knew what Glen was like and how vindictive he could get when thwarted.

Jen clasped a hand over her mouth to stop the stunned giggles and Richie looked like a proud papa who’s kid had just won the science fair.

Deborah turned to look at Jon and was stunned to see anger on his face.

He handed her mobile back to her and leaned close.

“No one should treat you like shit and get away with it.” he said softly.

Deborah was overwhelmed that someone she barely knew would go out on a limb for her and, as he turned away, she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.” she whispered, holding the mobile close to her.

Jen smiled at the look on Jon’s face when Deborah kissed him and she turned to Richie.

“I think he likes her.” she whispered to her partner in crime.

“I think so too.” he whispered back, running his fingers along her hairline, causing her to shiver.

Jon looked at the two of them as a waiter appeared at their table.

“When you two have stopped messing about, I’d like to order some food,” he said wryly, “ and a bottle of champagne.” he added, smiling. Telling that asshole where to go made him feel good, especially as it had helped Deborah. He wasn’t quite sure what it was about her but he felt like he wanted to protect her at all costs.

The food soon arrived and they tucked in to the beautifully cooked and presented meals.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Chapter Five

Jen looked around the restaurant and smiled. It was lovely and everything Jon had said it would be. Le Wagon Bleu was an old 1927 Orient Express carriage that had been turned into a restaurant and the ambience was just divine. She looked down at the table that had originally been set for six but was now just for four and shrugged ruefully. Before they had left the hotel Tico had taken a call from his wife; his son had been in an accident and was in hospital with a broken leg. Of course Tico had dropped everything and had rushed to the airport to book a flight home. David, having seen that he would be a spare wheel, so to speak, had offered to accompany him. Jon had tried to get him to stay but David had just muttered something about feeling like a foreskin in a Jewish swimming pool and had gone with Tico. Which left the four of them.

Richie had elected to sit next to Jen instead of opposite her as tradition demands as he said he couldn’t exactly run his hands up and down her legs if she was sat opposite him. Jon had just laughed and had sat down next to Deborah.

Jen was quite worried about Deborah. Between going into the bathroom and coming out she had changed. Her demeanour had changed, she had gone quiet but wouldn’t tell Jen what was wrong. Jen knew it had something to do with her mobile as she’d kept looking at it every few minutes whilst getting changed. She looked over at her friend and smiled at her. Deborah smiled back and Jen relaxed a little. Hopefully a good meal and some damn fine conversation and company would bring her out of whatever blue funk she was in.

“So where are we in relation to our hotel?” Jen asked, as she glanced out of the window to the calm, dark Seine River below them.

“Oh it’s not far, although our hotel is in the 6th arrondisement and this place is in the 17th, geographically it’s not far at all. Paris is arranged spirally, like a snail shell, with the Seine going straight through.” Deborah replied, oblivious to the surprised looks two of them were giving her.

“Jeez, did you eat a guide book this morning, or what?” blurted Richie, with a laugh. He’d never met anyone with such a thirst for knowledge before.

“Unlike you man, there are some of us who read.” Jon retorted as Deborah blushed slightly at the guitarists words.

Deborah smiled and stuck her tongue out at Richie. She was feeling a hell of a lot better than she had back at the hotel and was feeling relaxed.

“hey, I didn’t mean it to be an insult but damn, I’m gonna call you Hermione Granger from now on.” Richie said, as he placed a hand on Jen’s thigh.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Have you read many Harry Potter books then?” she said.

“Nah, but Ava’s got them all and if I have to sit through one more damn movie I’m gonna Avada Kedavra my own ass!” he laughed.

They all laughed at the thought of Richie as a wizard.

“Rich man, you’d miss.” Jon drawled.

Jen was trying to study the menu but was finding it hard for two reasons, one being that it was in French and the other was that Richie’s hand was currently at the top of her thigh with one of his fingers pressing down on her clitoris, through her jeans. She knew it was payback for blowing him in an alleyway but it was making her decision making process give up and go back to bed.
Desperately trying not to break out in a sweat, or moan, or give the game away in any way, she surreptitiously closed her legs, trapping his hand, and squeezed, causing a mild shock to race through her system. Thankfully the carriage was darkened with dimmed lighting and candlelight the only illumination as she was sure her eyes were completely dilated.

Richie looked at Jen and smiled. She was something. Most women he’d known would have been embarrassed at what he was doing to her in public, but then again after what she’d done to him in that alleyway he wasn’t really surprised at her wild side and smiled to himself as he pictured her hot, naked body writhing under his later on that evening, and most of the night if he had his way.

“Hey, you ok?” Jon said quietly, turning to Deborah who was studying the menu with a quiet intensity. He’d seen the slight play between Jen and Richie and was quite content to leave them to it. If they got caught it was their business. He’d stopped looking after Richie years ago and now just left him to fuck up in his own unique fashion.

“Yeah, just not sure what I want to eat, that’s all.” she replied, looking up from the menu for a few moments before looking back again.

Jon was perplexed. The sadness in her eyes was back and he was damned if he knew what had caused it. They’d had such a great day, or had seemed to, that he hoped to hell it wasn’t him that was causing it.

He had noticed the surreptitious glances she’d been giving her mobile phone since they’d got there and frowned slightly.

He’d just plucked up the courage, which was a new feeling for him, to ask her what was bothering her when her mobile bleeped. Automatically she picked it up and read the text.

Deborah’s face turned ashen and she dropped the phone with a clatter.

She turned to Jon and, asking him to excuse her, fled past him to the Ladies.

“Gimme her phone Jon. She’s been like that since the hotel. I know she got a text when she was in the bathroom as I heard the beep but she won’t tell me what’s wrong.” Jen said, reaching her hand out for the small silver phone.

“She’s like a different person from today.” Jon said, as he handed the phone over.

Jen read the text out loud to the two men.

“Hey sweetie, you gotta help me with Lisa. She wants to get married and I don’t know what to tell her. I don’t know if I’m ready or not. She keeps turning hot and cold on me. What should I do? I miss your brain! Xx Glen”

She put the phone down, her face devoid of all emotions except one. Anger.

“Son of a fucking bitch!” she ground out.

“Who’s Glen?” Jon asked.

“Her ex, he left her for Lisa.”

“Son of a bitch…” Jon said, his face blank.

Richie recognised Jon’s poker face and knew that Glen was in big trouble.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chapter Four

Chapter four

Deborah entered her room and flopped down on the bed. She could hear singing from the bathroom and smiled. She was in desperate need of a coffee. She and Jon had spent so much time wandering around that neither had thought to get coffee and if she was to get through that evening with a smile on her face she needed as much caffeine as she could ingest.

She got up off the really comfy bed and switched the little portable kettle on the nearby table.

“Jen?” she called out



“yes please. I so need coffee, I think I have the hangover from hell and I’ve not even slept yet.” Jen replied, opening the bathroom door and coming back into the bedroom.

Deborah took one look at Jen’s face and gasped. She was glowing.

“What happened to you? You look amazing!”

Jen grinned and flopped down on her bed.

“Oh my god, I did something today I never thought I’d do in a million years.” she was grinning like she couldn’t stop but a red blush started to spread across the skin that wasn’t covered by a towel.

“What?” Deborah asked, looking at her friend who was grinning like a loon.

“I pulled Richie into an alleyway on the way back from the pub and gave him blow job.”

“You did what?!? Oh my god girl I‘m so jealous! You actually gave Richie a blow job.” Deborah laughed, gob smacked at the thought of having any kind of sex in the open air.

“I know, it’s not like me at all but we’d been talking about sex and then I saw the alleyway and I was goddamned horny as hell I just pulled him into the alleyway and…blew away!”

“I’ll say it again, Oh My God!,” Deborah stared at Jen, “What was it like?, I mean with him?”

“”Oh Deborah he is just so sexy, he really is sex on legs and has this amazing natural smell.”

She looked at Deborah.

“Oh you mean his dick?” she said innocently.

“Well d’uh.” Deborah replied, getting up and going over to the balcony door to light a cigarette.

“The rumours are definitely true, he is so well hung I could just about fit him in my mouth.” Jen admitted.

“Wow, and you’ve got a big mouth!” Deborah replied laughing.

Jen just sighed in deep contemplation at having had Richie in her mouth. She glanced at the clock.

“So what about you? Spending all day with Jon. Did you have fun?”

“Yeah we did, not as much as you did obviously, but, yes I had a lovely day. Oh Jen he’s such a sweet bloke, when you get to know the real him and not just the Rock Star Persona. He’s intelligent and can hold a conversation about almost everything, and he’s really funny. I don’t mean “Hey look at me” kind of funny but just dryly witty. He had me in stitches talking about the Venus DeMilo. Yeah, He asked me whether the look on her face was because she couldn’t masturbate, not having any arms. I laughed so much we got told off by security.”

“So where did you go?”

“The Louvre.” Deborah replied, a bit puzzled.

“Just the Louvre? Nowhere else?”

“No. we didn’t have time, according to Jon. But I did drag him t see the Cathedral de Notre Dame on the way back, which he moaned about for a few minutes before I told him to pull his head out of his ass so to speak.”

Jen looked at the older woman, with raised eyebrows.

“You said that to Jon?”

“Well in a manner of speaking. I told him the world wouldn’t end if we were a bit late. I thought he was going to have a full blown panic attack when I said that but he was cool about it. That’s why we’re late.”

“Yes you are and you’d better get in there and have a shower or you’ll make all of us late.” Jen said, smiling as she towel dried her hair.

Jon stood under the hot stream of water and sighed. He’d just been reamed out by Richie for being late and he hadn’t minded. It was a weird feeling being on the receiving end of what he supposed was one of his tantrums but he found that it just went straight over his head. He knew Richie was only joking but it had still been weird. It had taken him back to his childhood and getting told off by his grandma for running in the house.

He was looking forward to dinner and spending some more time talking with Deborah. She was such a sweet person and he’d really enjoyed his day walking around the museum. He grinned as he thought of her managing to get him to relax and enjoy what little bit of Paris he’d managed to see.

A bit tired from lack of caffeine he got out of the shower and went to get dressed.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Chapter Three

Chapter 3

Jen was in hog’s heaven. She was shopping for shoes with Richie Sambora. She’d started out shopping with Richie, David and Tico but after the fifth store David and Tico had gotten so bored they’d bid their farewells and had buggered off some place else, leaving her with the man of her dreams and quite a few x rated fantasies.

She held her foot out for Richie to see. She was wearing a strappy silver sandal with a four inch heel which she’d had to pull her jeans leg up to put on. Richie widened his eyes and grabbed hold of her foot, then kneeling down, began to plant sloppy kisses up her leg as far as her jeans would allow.

“Ah mademoiselle, you ave ze most beautiful legs, I zink I will kiss zem forever.” he said in a very loud, fake French accent.

Jen got the giggles which were threatening to overwhelm the tingling feelings she was getting elsewhere as he kissed and fondled her calf.

“Richie!” she snorted, torn between out right laughter and embarrassment as most of the shops patrons turned to see what was happening.

Richie just waggled his eyebrows and outright laughter won as she burst in a fit of giggles.

She knew she wasn’t going to buy them as she could hardly stand in them and wobbling on a pair of heels was such a passion killer.

She removed the shoe and replaced it with her flat boot. Richie got up and held his hand out for her to take.

“Why thank you kind sir.” she said, batting her eyelashes.

He made a kind of bow and crooked his elbow for her to take before leading her out of the shop, both of them dissolving into giggles as they did so.

“So, more shoes?” he asked, really hoping she’d say no. As much as he was enjoying her company even he’d reached his shopping limit. Having been married to an actress he thought he knew what a shopping spree was like but that had been before he’d met Jen.

She looked at his face and saw the unspoken plea in his sexy chocolate eyes.

“Nah, let’s go get a drink.” she said, “Oh sorry, I mean a coffee.” she amended, thinking of his recent problems with alcohol.

“Hey, just cause I can’t drink doesn’t mean you can’t, and I have the feeling you’re a lot more fun after a few. Am I right?”

Jen just pursed her lips, trying to look stern but failing miserably.

“Am I not fun enough for you then Mr Sambora?” she asked as they walked along Boulevard St Germain.

They’d recently passed by a furrier who’d had a puppy fur coat for sale in the window and both had wanted to buy some red paint to throw over the coats so no woman would be tempted to wear it. Because of that Jen needed a drink to get the awful image out of her mind.

“Oh you are fun my lovely but I have the feeling you would be even more fun with a bit of alcohol inside you.” he said, mysteriously, leaving Jen with a hot feeling inside.

They passed by a small bar that had what looked like a stocks and shares computer in the window. Upon closer inspection they realised it was the price of the drinks. The more one particular drink was being drunk the lower the price per unit.

Jen looked at Richie.

Richie looked at Jen.

They smiled at each other and entered the small bar.


“So what do you think of the Mona Lisa?” Jon asked Deborah as they sat down opposite the painting and looked at it.

“It’s never been one of my favourites,” she replied, “the background perspective is all over the place for me and she just looks constipated. It’s not an enigmatic smile at all, she’s asking for ex lax.”

Jon laughed softly. Since they’d gotten into the museum the real Deborah had surfaced as the surrounding artwork had done it’s job and she’d started to relax. They had wandered around for a good few hours, each pointing out to each other some piece of art that captured their eye or was just plainly bizarre. More than once they’d been asked to be a bit quieter and have a bit of respect for the other patrons.

Deborah felt at ease with this man. He was so easy to talk to and once she’d gotten past the persona and discovered John, he was a very funny, deep, introspective man with opinions on almost everything. He was also deeply passionate and she could feel that coming off him in waves as he spoke about the art around them and his music.

Jon smiled at the woman beside him. Once he’d gotten her to relax and open up he discovered a deep side to her that he had the feeling not many saw. She was intelligent and funny in her own way with a deep compassion for other people’s problems. He was beginning to like her.

He looked at his watch. It was 5:45. They’d been in the Louvre all day but it had only seemed like 5 minutes.

“Debs, we’d better go, it’s a quarter to six.” he said, feeling the familiar sense of anxiety surfacing.

“Oh ok.” she replied, seeing his face take on a more serious look.

He took her hand and they walked at a quick pace towards the exit. Once outside Jon kept up the relentless pace as he looked around for either a taxi or a taxi rank.

Deborah kept pace with him but was soon feeling uncomfortably breathless. She pulled her hand from his and stopped. They were on the Voie Georges Pompidou.

“Jon, what’s the hurry? Can’t we slow down a bit?” she asked, puzzled as to why he was rushing.
“Well I said we’d back at six.” he replied

“What time is the table booked for tonight?”

“9pm, why?”

“Three hours? That gives us three hours Jon. We don’t have to rush back plus the hotel isn’t that far away from here. It’s across the Seine and down a bit so why can’t we walk it and enjoy the scenery? What‘s the point of being in Paris otherwise if we don‘t do the touristy things? I‘ve been here many times before and I still find new things every time.”

Deborah could see the internal battle taking place between his Moon in Aries which was never late and had to be in control and his Sun in Pisces which made him a dreamer who wanted to experience different things.

“Is the world really going to end if we’re a bit late back?” she gently chided, before taking his arm and leading him off down the road towards the I’le de la Cite, in the total opposite way from where their hotel was.

As they walked Deborah kept up a running commentary on the surrounding areas.

“Did you know that the I’le de la Cite is one of two natural islands in Paris? The other is right next to it, the I’le Saint-Louis,”

They were crossing the Pont Neuf bridge onto the Island.

“And this bridge is now the oldest bridge in Paris even though it’s called the New Bridge. It was built in about 1607 and commissioned by Henry IV,” she looked at her watch and smiled, “Let’s go and take a peek at Notre Dame. Come on, we’ve got lots of time.” She said, laughing at Jon’s face.

Jon relented and allowed himself to be dragged by the hand long the Quai des Orfevres that would lead them to the Cathedral. He was enjoying himself, regardless of that little internal voice that constantly told him he was going to be late and that others would laugh at him because he wasn’t in control. Jon knew he had a problem with taking control and he hated to be shown up over something. It was why he’d given up acting as he was required to lose himself in a role and he just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t give up control to someone else and run the risk of being ridiculed.

He felt at ease with Deborah though. He instinctively knew she wouldn’t make him feel small or stupid.

They stood looking at the huge edifice, marvelling at the intricacies of the carvings and the stonework.

“Ok, now what?” Jon asked as he looked at the impressive building


“Ok, now what?” slurred Jen as she necked her drink. She had two waiting on the table in front of them. Richie was on his fourth coffee.

“Where was the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?” Richie asked, grinning at the now inebriated woman.

“Erm. On a sand dune at 2am. It was fuckin’ freezing and I was so cold we were only there for about a half hour before we gave up and went inside.” she laughed at the memory, “What about you?”

“In the wings backstage, just before we were due on stage I had some girl go down on me. David had to step over her to get to the keyboards.” he replied

“Ok, I think you win.” Jen was feeling good. The alcohol was flowing and the company was great. She’d almost forgotten who he was, he was so easy to talk to. Her libido popped up to remind her exactly who it was she was having fun with and she squirmed slightly in her seat trying to scratch her itch.

“Hey drink up, it’s ten past five, we’d better not be late. Trust me you don’t wanna see Jon annoyed cause we’re late.”

“He’s so anal!” Jen retorted with a snort as she tried to neck both drinks at the same time but failed dismally.

Richie laughed as he watched her trying to drink from two glasses and then laughed harder as she managed to tip one of them down her front.

He handed her a napkin and watched as she tried to mop up the alcohol.

“ya know darlin’, if I was still drinking I’d’ve licked your shirt by now.”
Jen stilled as his words penetrated the vodka fog and her nipples stood to attention. She could feel heat pooling and squirmed even more.

Richie watched Jen’s eyes dilate and noticed a faint pink blush spread across the top of her chest and grinned to himself. This was going to be an interesting night.

She put her glass down and stood up,

“Come on then, mustn’t be late for Boss man.” Jen held her hand out only to have Richie place six bags of shopping on her arm.

She glared at him, a wry grin on her face as he picked up the remaining bags and they made their way back down the road towards their hotel.


Jon hadn’t been this relaxed in ages. He was having fun just meandering through the back streets, even laughing when Deborah had admitted to taking him the long way round as she’d wanted to walk along The Seine at dusk.

Finally they reached Boulevard Raspail on the corner of Boulevard St Germain and Rue du Bac and entered the lobby of their hotel. The clock said 7:15pm. Laughing they made their over to the front desk to get their keys and then entered the elevator, still holding hands

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Chapter Two

Jon looked around the small but sumptuous foyer of the K+K Cayre Hotel that they had decided to stay in. Usually the band went for a more upmarket hotel but there was some kind of convention happening and most of the bigger hotels, The Ritz included, had been fully booked out. Still being in a smaller hotel gave them all a kind of anonymity they hadn’t had for years as no-one expected them to be there.

David and Richie were taking advantage of the free internet access and he could hear them giggling away like schoolgirls over god knew what. Tico was sat opposite him on a two seater sofa. Being France smoking was still allowed in public spaces and he was puffing away on a cigar.

He could see the Boss man was deep in thought and wondered which one of the two women had caught his eye. He smiled to himself. Jon was quite easy to read, if you knew how, he was only ever serious about two things; Music and women. This time it wasn’t music that was on his mind. Knowing Jon as he did he’d bet $10 it was Deborah that was occupying Jon’s mind. Not that Jen wasn’t nice but she was more Richie’s type - loud, outgoing, fun, whereas Deborah was quieter, more reserved, more apt to be found discussing the latest book she was reading than whooping it up and playing tricks like Jen seemed to have a penchant for. No wonder David and Richie had bonded with her. Now there were three he had to look out for. It was going to be a long week.

The elevator pinged and Jon looked round.

Tico noticed the slight relaxation of Jon’s shoulders as Deborah stepped out of the elevator , followed by Jen and smiled. He knew it was her and had just won $20 from David and Richie.

Jon got up and walked over to the two women. Tico wandered over to the internet access point and dragged the other two away from the interesting sites they’d been looking at. He caught the name of one of them before David clicked it off. It looked to be a story of some kind by someone called Soulgirl. The internet didn’t really interest him so he put it out of his mind.

“Hey you look nice.” Jon said to the two women, his eyes mainly on Deborah.

“Well, I could hardly go out in my PJ’s could I?” she smiled.

Jen looked around for her favourite guitarist and jumped out of her skin when he appeared behind her and grabbed her round the waist, with a deep ‘boo!’

Jon rolled his eyes, unintentionally, a small smile on his face. Normally he was fine with the kind of juvenile behaviour exhibited by two members of the band but for some reason he felt agitated by it.

He cleared his throat and everyone looked at him.

“Right, now we’ve stopped messing about. You lot, “ he said, indicating Richie, David, Tico and Jen, “are going shopping or whatever and Debs and I are off to the Louvre. We need to be back here for about 6 as we’ve got a table booked tonight. OK?”

“yes Boss.” intoned Richie in the manner of Lurch from The Addams Family, which caused Jen and David to go off into fits of giggles.

Jon just put his hands in the air, sighed and grabbing Deborah’s hand, headed out of the hotel and into the cab that was waiting for them.

Deborah settled back in the seat and smiled as Jon got into the cab.

“Ou a?” the cab driver asked.

“Erm,” began Jon before Deborah took over.

“Bonjour M’sieur. Ca va?”

“Ca va” he replied

La Louvre S’il Vous Plait.” she said, fluently.

“Etes-vous en vacances?” the cabbie asked


“Anglais?” he asked, obviously a cab driver who wanted to talk

“Je suis anglais, il est americain” she replied

“Vous etes mari?”

“non, nous ne sommes mariés” she smiled

“vous devriez être, vous semblez bons ensemble” he laughed, coughing as he did, causing ash to spill from his cigarette onto his clothes.

She laughed and turned to a very bemused Jon.

“What was that all about?” he asked, having not followed the conversation passed Bonjour.

“Oh he just asked if we were on holiday, then if we were married, which I said no, so he replied that we ought to be as we look good together, at least I think that’s what he said. My French is a little bit rusty.”

“Hey, it’s better than mine, I was lost after you said Bonjour.” he admitted, laughing at himself. It felt good to be the butt of his own joke. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d taken the piss out of himself. It was one of the reasons he was now divorced. He’d started to take himself way too seriously and Dot’d just had enough. The marriage had gone way past the point of being saved and he’d agreed to a divorce.

Deborah looked at him and laughed. It felt good to laugh, especially after the breakdown of her relationship. They’d been together for seven years and she had been certain he was the one but it had seemed that he’d had other plans in mind. One of them involving leaving her for a younger woman.

Jon and Deborah settled back and enjoyed the cab ride. The museum wasn’t far from their hotel but they still had a couple of hairy moments driving along Place de la Concord, with cars appearing out of no-where. Debs had grabbed Jon’s hand and held on for dear life as a bike appeared out of thin air and almost side swiped their car. Surprisingly Jon needed no translation to understand the language that came out of their drivers mouth at the time.

Jon looked down at their entwined hands and smiled to himself. After the bike incident Debs had forgotten to let go and it felt so natural he’d left her hand there.

Debs looked down and saw they were still holding hands. She was surprised that he hadn’t pulled his hand away but it felt so nice to have a human touch that she didn’t want to draw attention to it.

All too soon they were outside the big glass pyramid, made famous by the Da Vinci Code, that was the entrance to the museum. Jon paid the driver and they got out, still holding hands. Debs wondered how they could break apart without it being awkward. She had an idea and, dropping his hand, reached into her bag for a cigarette.

Jon smiled. He had been wondering how to stop holding hands without it being too obvious. Not that he wanted to but he needed a cigarette and also to get some more cash out of his pocket but didn’t want her to feel embarrassed.

Jon lit his cigarette and exhaled noisily. There weren’t too many people around, which was good as the last thing he wanted was to be noticed and photographed. He pulled his cap down to hide his face and burrowed down into the denim jacket he was wearing.

Deborah looked at him, puzzled until she realised what he was doing.

“You know if you continue to do that people will notice you.” she leaned over and whispered to him.

“What?” he said

“By trying to be inconspicuous, you’re actually drawing attention to yourself. If you stand normally and just relax, you’ll just look like any other Joe Bloggs in the queue.”

He looked at her, as her words hit home. He smiled ruefully. Of course, all his fans knew what he looked like incognito and they’d be on the look out for that. They wouldn’t be expecting him to just be standing there like an ordinary guy. He raised one eyebrow and smiled at her.

“You’re really quite clever aren’t you?” he said, in a way that she knew he wasn’t being condescending.
“Yeah, not bad for a woman.” she retorted, as they made their way into the museum.

Chapter One

Deborah sat and looked out at the view in front of her. Tall off - white and grey roofed buildings surrounded her with the Eiffel Tower in the distance to the left of her and the Sacre Coeur in the distance to the right. Paris really was a beautiful city. She sat on the little balcony of the room she was sharing and sighed. She could hear laughter coming from inside the room and knew she ought be feel something more than she was, after all it wasn’t everyday a girl won a competition to spend a week in her favourite city with her favourite band. She could hear Jen laughing at one of them. She smiled, it was probably at something David had said. Honestly since the two of them had met it was like having 5 year old twins. Both were determined to out do the other with complete silliness. They had bonded like siblings as well and had spent the first hour after meeting bickering with each other over the smallest things.

Deborah smiled as she thought of her Jovi Sister, Jen, aka Hathor aka The Goddess Hathor, or Hath to her friends. They had been online friends for ages and had bonded over a shared love of a certain darksider. When Deborah had won the competition there was only one person she could think of to invite. Jen had jumped at the chance, literally. Debs had watched her via webcam and had laughed herself silly at the sight of Jen jumping around her front room, her long dark hair going all over the place as she screamed herself silly. That had been a week ago and now here they were. Their first proper day in Paris. They had met the guys the previous night for a short time as both were suffering from travel lag. Jen had flown from the States and Debs had caught the Eurostar from Euston.

Right now she was the envy of millions of women worldwide, so why did she feel so down? She took another drag of her cigarette and exhaled noisily.

“Hey, mind if I pinch one?”

Deb jumped slightly, brought out of her reverie by that familiar whisky-honey voice.

“No, go ahead. They’re menthol though so you might not like them.”

Jon screwed up his nose in distaste.

“S’ok, think I’ll pass.” he smiled his killer smile and sat down next to her, taking out his own packet of cigarettes and putting them on the glass table.

Debs smiled at this.

“So you’ve got your own but just thought you’d pinch mine instead?”

He just smiled back, somewhat sheepishly but she could see the impish look in his crystal blue eyes and laughed.

“So what would you like to do today?” he asked.

Jon had been against the idea of having a competition allowing 2 people into the inner sanctum of the Jovi family at first. He was extremely protective of his inner circle, family and friends alike and was loathe to admit anyone new into it. His road crew had been with him and the guys for years yet he was still reserved with a few of them. Even though each person had signed a confidentiality clause and was unwaveringly loyal to the band and to him in particular he still found it hard to let go and just be him around them. It had taken the guys arguing with him and a particularly lengthy and very legal confidentiality document with so many clauses even his eyes had boggled before he had agreed to it. One thing he had been annoyed at was that it was to take place in the one week that he and guys had off. He had pencilled in that he was going to get away from it all for that week but alas, for him, it was not to be.

He looked over at the winner, Debs and studied her. She wasn’t bad looking, quite cute actually with long red hair that was obviously dyed but it suited her. She was quite short and slim but had curves in all the right places and a little belly that he’d glimpsed the previous evening when she’d stretched, fighting off a yawn. He’d thought it was nice that in this day and age there was a woman who wasn’t afraid to have a little bit of a belly.

‘Something to grab hold of.’ his eyes widened as the thought flashed across his mind.

‘Whoa, where did that come from?’ he thought.

His divorce had not long come through and whilst he appreciated looking he wasn’t in the mood to touch.

A loud laugh made both of them look back towards to suite that the two women were sharing.


They said simultaneously, catching each other’s eye.

Deborah smiled at the blond man sitting next to her. She’d been so nervous of meeting the guys that she’d hardly eaten the week before. She’d lost a few pounds in weight but couldn’t get rid of her belly, much to her annoyance. She looked at the models in magazines and actresses both on screen and on TV and was jealous of their flat stomachs and size zero physiques. Although she was slim, being a US size 4 she felt that men were looking for a flat stomach and toned arms, which she didn’t have. At least that’s what her ex boyfriend had told her over and over again, until he’d left her for a younger woman.

“What I’d really like to do is go to the Louvre, I just want to take it easy today and spend some time wandering around looking at the paintings. They calm me down.” she replied, a hint of sadness in her voice

“Calm you down?” he asked, softly.

“Yeah, when I’m stressed.” she replied, thinking he had the bluest eyes she’d ever seen on anyone.

“What’s stressing you?” he began, “Sorry, none of my business, but if you wanna talk I’m listening.” he smiled, suddenly wanting to make her smile again.

Which she did.

Jon finished his cigarette and got up from the small table.

“Hang here for a moment I’m just gonna see what Jen wants to do.”he moved towards the door, “Or who.” he finished, muttering under his breath with a smile.

Debs laughed softly at his apt description of Jen’s feelings towards a certain lead guitarist.

She was still laughing when Jen came out to join her.

Jen was still stoked that Debs had asked her along for the trip, but as Debs had said, Jen was the first person who’d taken the time to get to know her when she’d joined the sisterhood and it was a no-brainer.

Jen sat down in the recently vacated chair and smiled.

“So what were you all laughing at in there?” Debs asked, taking another cigarette out of the packet.

“Oh just something David and Rich were doing. You know those two. Give ‘em half a chance and they’ll do their double act. I still laugh at Rich’s impression of the Monster of the Black Lagoon from Access all Areas.”

“Yeah, me too. That’s when I started to like him. He made me laugh.” Debs said

“Makes me hot too.” Jen laughed, her beautiful brown eyes sparkling in the early morning sunshine of a perfect June day.

Jen got up and moved to the balcony, leaning on it.

“I dunno what those guys are up to but they kicked me out so’s they could talk. Jon just asked me what I wanted to do today then kicked me out. Cheek of the man! If he didn’t have such a perfectly formed ass I’d kick it!” she laughed, leaning over the balcony, letting the slight breeze blow through her dark locks.

Debs liked this side of Jen. She was in her ‘up for anything’ mood, dressed in her favourite skinny blue jeans, a tight black v necked tee shirt and flat boots, with bangles up one arm and a huge silver watch on the other. Like Debs, Jen had a curvy albeit fuller figure with the curves in the right places.

Jon poked his head around the sliding door and motioned the two women inside.

Ok, we’ve talked.” he said, motioning to the others who were lounging around the suite, with Richie stretched out on Jen’s bed and David lolling around on Debs’. Tico was stretched out the sofa with his feet up on the coffee table.

“Three of us are going shopping with Jen and one of us wants to go to the Louvre with Debs, so hurry up and get ready you two and we’ll meet you down in the lobby in 45 minutes.”

“But I’m ready.” Jen said, sticking out a boot clad foot.

“Yes, you are. But Debs? She’s still in her PJ’s.” he grinned as the guys got up and walked over to the door.

Debs at least had the grace to blush as she looked down at her tank top and shorts set with the logo “Gorgeous but grumpy” emblazoned across the top.