Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chapter Four

Chapter four

Deborah entered her room and flopped down on the bed. She could hear singing from the bathroom and smiled. She was in desperate need of a coffee. She and Jon had spent so much time wandering around that neither had thought to get coffee and if she was to get through that evening with a smile on her face she needed as much caffeine as she could ingest.

She got up off the really comfy bed and switched the little portable kettle on the nearby table.

“Jen?” she called out



“yes please. I so need coffee, I think I have the hangover from hell and I’ve not even slept yet.” Jen replied, opening the bathroom door and coming back into the bedroom.

Deborah took one look at Jen’s face and gasped. She was glowing.

“What happened to you? You look amazing!”

Jen grinned and flopped down on her bed.

“Oh my god, I did something today I never thought I’d do in a million years.” she was grinning like she couldn’t stop but a red blush started to spread across the skin that wasn’t covered by a towel.

“What?” Deborah asked, looking at her friend who was grinning like a loon.

“I pulled Richie into an alleyway on the way back from the pub and gave him blow job.”

“You did what?!? Oh my god girl I‘m so jealous! You actually gave Richie a blow job.” Deborah laughed, gob smacked at the thought of having any kind of sex in the open air.

“I know, it’s not like me at all but we’d been talking about sex and then I saw the alleyway and I was goddamned horny as hell I just pulled him into the alleyway and…blew away!”

“I’ll say it again, Oh My God!,” Deborah stared at Jen, “What was it like?, I mean with him?”

“”Oh Deborah he is just so sexy, he really is sex on legs and has this amazing natural smell.”

She looked at Deborah.

“Oh you mean his dick?” she said innocently.

“Well d’uh.” Deborah replied, getting up and going over to the balcony door to light a cigarette.

“The rumours are definitely true, he is so well hung I could just about fit him in my mouth.” Jen admitted.

“Wow, and you’ve got a big mouth!” Deborah replied laughing.

Jen just sighed in deep contemplation at having had Richie in her mouth. She glanced at the clock.

“So what about you? Spending all day with Jon. Did you have fun?”

“Yeah we did, not as much as you did obviously, but, yes I had a lovely day. Oh Jen he’s such a sweet bloke, when you get to know the real him and not just the Rock Star Persona. He’s intelligent and can hold a conversation about almost everything, and he’s really funny. I don’t mean “Hey look at me” kind of funny but just dryly witty. He had me in stitches talking about the Venus DeMilo. Yeah, He asked me whether the look on her face was because she couldn’t masturbate, not having any arms. I laughed so much we got told off by security.”

“So where did you go?”

“The Louvre.” Deborah replied, a bit puzzled.

“Just the Louvre? Nowhere else?”

“No. we didn’t have time, according to Jon. But I did drag him t see the Cathedral de Notre Dame on the way back, which he moaned about for a few minutes before I told him to pull his head out of his ass so to speak.”

Jen looked at the older woman, with raised eyebrows.

“You said that to Jon?”

“Well in a manner of speaking. I told him the world wouldn’t end if we were a bit late. I thought he was going to have a full blown panic attack when I said that but he was cool about it. That’s why we’re late.”

“Yes you are and you’d better get in there and have a shower or you’ll make all of us late.” Jen said, smiling as she towel dried her hair.

Jon stood under the hot stream of water and sighed. He’d just been reamed out by Richie for being late and he hadn’t minded. It was a weird feeling being on the receiving end of what he supposed was one of his tantrums but he found that it just went straight over his head. He knew Richie was only joking but it had still been weird. It had taken him back to his childhood and getting told off by his grandma for running in the house.

He was looking forward to dinner and spending some more time talking with Deborah. She was such a sweet person and he’d really enjoyed his day walking around the museum. He grinned as he thought of her managing to get him to relax and enjoy what little bit of Paris he’d managed to see.

A bit tired from lack of caffeine he got out of the shower and went to get dressed.


  1. Good lord, Jen is such a SLUT! I love it :)

    ~ Hath

  2. Yup H, you ARE lmao! And we love you for it.

    This story is rocking, can't wait for more*hint, hint*