Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Chapter Seven

Deborah opened her eyes and blinked in the darkened room. Something had woken her up. She glanced over at Jen's bed to find it was empty. She wasn't surprised in the least. The four of them had ended up in the downstairs bar of the hotel for a nightcap and the way Jen and Richie had looked at each other, not to mention the way they had held hands and whispered to one another, Deborah wasn't surprised that Jen wasn't in her bed.

She lay there for a moment wondering what had woken her. After the events at the restaurant Deborah hadn't really been in the mood for a nightcap and had only stayed for one before retiring for the night.


She realised the sound she'd heard was a knock on the door and sleepily she got up, switching on the bedside lamp before opening the door. It was probably Jen.

“Have you forgotten your key?” she said, yawning, as she opened the door.

“Er, no as i never had one.”

Deborah blinked owlishly, as she looked at Jon, who was lounging in the doorway with a sheepish look on his face and a small bag in his hands.

“Can i come in?” he asked

“Er, yes. What time is it?" she asked, as he brushed past her and sat down on the small sofa.

"Twoish I think.” Jon replied as he removed his boots, “Oh god that’s better.” he sighed.

Deborah sat down on her bed, suddenly acutely aware of the thinness of her nightwear. She had put on a thin cotton vee necked t shirt to sleep in that was quite worn in places.

She smiled at him. “Have you been kicked out of your room then?” she asked as visions of Jen and Richie doing the dirty floated into her mind.

“Something like that. Actually Richie’s exact words were ‘get out of the room and don’t come back until it stops rocking.’ which, knowing those two, will be sometime next decade. When he’s got the scent in his nose it’s best to just stay out of his way, you know.” he smiled, which turned into a yawn, showing those perfect white teeth and a pink tongue.

“Well I’m sure Jen won’t mind if you have her bed, she’s not exactly using it.” Deborah replied, getting into her bed and pulling the covers up.

“I am so glad you said that as I really didn’t fancy going downstairs and seeing if they had another room, ‘specially since Dave and Teek checked out. I think that room’s already gone. I saw someone going in there as we walked past.” he got up from the sofa and walked towards the small but luxurious bathroom.

“Just gonna take a shower.” he mumbled, opening the buttons on his dark blue shirt.

Deborah gulped as she caught a glimpse of his chest. Jon looked straight at her and smiled as she blushed.

She groaned softly as the bathroom door shut, and pulled the quilt up over her head.

Jon grinned to himself as he showered. He couldn’t believe she’d actually blushed at the sight of his chest. What the hell was she going to do when he came out of the bathroom wearing only a low slung towel?
He didn’t get to find out as when he walked out of the bathroom and switched off the light he found she had drifted back off to sleep.

Shaking his head, he slipped on a loose pair of boxer shorts and sat on the edge of his bed, drying his hair with the towel. He needed to blow dry it otherwise it would look like he’d been dragged through a hedge backwards in the morning but didn’t want to wake her again.

Jon got into the comfortable bed and sighed as he laid down. He turned onto his side and watched Deborah sleep for a few moments before he turned out the light.


Jen looked up at Richie and grinned. She’d had about three hours sleep and yet felt on top of the world. Richie had spent most of the night making love to her in ways she had never dreamt of in her wildest dreams. Even thinking back on the nights events had her wet.

She put the key card into the lock and wiggled it a bit, waiting for the green light. Finally it clicked open and she walked into the room she shared with Deborah.
Seeing Deborah and Jon still fast asleep she motioned for Richie to be quiet.

Jon heard movement and woke. It was one of his problems that he was a light sleeper. He sleepily opened his eyes and looked straight at Deborah who seemed to be in the same position she’d been in when he’d fallen asleep. He flexed his fingers and felt his fingertips brush hers. Looking down he saw they had both reached out, during the night, to each other and their fingers were almost touching.

He smiled and was still smiling when Richie and Jen walked out of the bathroom. It took a few moments for his brain to kick in and he stared at them with a puzzled look on his face.

“Hey morning sleepy head.” Richie began.

Jon put a finger across his lips to indicate that Richie should keep the noise down. He motioned to Deborah.

“Hush man, she’s still sleeping.”

“Sorry dude.”

“What are you doing in here? Is one room not enough for you two?” he grinned, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh, we’re just getting Jen’s things. She’s moving in with me.” he said, as Jen began to pack her clothes away.

“Oh? So I’m in here then?”

“Yeah, that’s ok, right?” Richie asked.

“Well yeah, but did you think to ask Debs?”

“Er.” began Richie, a slow blush began to creep along his cheeks.

“S’ok guys, Jon can stay.” a sleepy voice emanated from the bundle of bedclothes that was Deborah.

“Hey babe, sorry. I was trying to get these two elephants to be quiet.” Jon said, in a soft voice.

Deborah pushed the bedclothes off and sat up yawning, totally forgetting about the thin teeshirt and gave both guys a glimpse of her deep cleavage.

Jon glared at Richie who had raised his eyebrows, his dark eyes flashing as he looked, firstly at Deborah and then secondly at Jon.

Deborah stretched, trying to work out some kinks in her neck, totally oblivious to the peep show she was giving the two guys every time she moved. Finally Jon’d had enough of Richie’s lascivious grins.

“Hey Rich? Jen? Take what you’ve got so far and I’ll pop the rest along later. I wanna get some more sleep ok?” the tone was light but Richie could hear the steel beneath and dragged Jen out of the room with a half packed suitcase.

“Morning sweetheart.” he said, turning to Deborah, to find her snuggled back down on the bed.

“Morning Jon. Sleep well?” she asked, still yawning like mad.

“Yes.” he replied, quite surprised as he realised it was the truth. He had slept for a full eight hours, something he hadn’t done in years and he felt really good for it.

Deborah smiled at him and was still smiling when she drifted back into sleep.

Jon just smiled and shook his head. This was going to be just like sharing a room with 'I need my sleep' Richie...well almost...


  1. Yeah like Debs would mind lol. Jen knew that.... Glad they're having fun -- more details, please!

    ~ Hath

  2. ahhhhhh, sharing a room with Jon - now that's something I wouldn't mind doing!!