Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Chapter Ten

Deborah looked back from admiring the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Jon had been collared by a couple of squealing American fans. They had approached Jon and her as they were about to make their way to the edge to look at the magnificent view that was afforded them from atop the tower when two women shyly came towards them and asked him if he was who they thought he was.

Deborah’s immediate thought was ‘ How the hell does he know who you think he is? What is he? A mind reader?’ when Jon pretty much asked the same thing, albeit more politely. The two women had almost squealed with joy and, catching Jon’s eye, Deborah had stepped away from them. She understood that this was a moment that the two women would probably treasure forever and she didn’t want to intrude on their moment. Plus she had felt the beginnings of something stirring inside her as one of the women had placed her hand on Jon’s arm and she needed some time alone to think about what she was feeling.

Jon stood and smiled as the camera flashed. He usually hated being caught out in public and pawed by women, whether they were fans or not, but he found he didn’t really mind it this time. He smiled as he thought of why he didn’t mind it. It was Deborah’s presence, she had a calming effect on him. When she wasn’t turning him on and making him want to jump her of course, but he knew he needed to take things slow as it had only been two days since he had sworn to himself that he was not going to get involved with another woman, ever. And yet, here he was threatening to do just that

The two women, Natalie and Becka as they had told him, were clearly huge fans and were having the time of their lives in talking to him and having photo’s taken. His smile slipped a little as he felt one of the women slip her hand down to his backside and squeeze.

He moved deftly out of her grasp and, handing an autograph over, looked at the two women. They were both smiling at him, huge almost designer smiles that he felt could devour him if he let it. He switched on his megawatt smile.

“It was nice to meet you two ladies but I’m going to have to go now.” he leaned closer, “To tell you the truth I’m scouting locations for our next video and I need a bit of peace and quiet to do so.”

They both nodded eagerly as if they were the first to garner this information.

“So, I’d be really grateful if you could keep it to yourselves that I’m here, ya know wouldn’t want the paparazzi to get a scoop, if you get my drift.”

“Oh of course Jon, you can totally count on us, we can be discreet.” said Becka, though it could’ve been Natalie.

Natalie, or was it Becka had written something on a piece of paper which she handed to Jon.

“This is our phone number. If you’re casting for extras for the next video we’d love to be in it.”

Jon forced himself to keep a straight face and take the proffered paper.

“O..k ladies, well I’ll keep you in mind.” he said as he backed away from them, looking desperately around for Deborah. Goddamn it where was Richie when he needed him. Richie would’ve charmed those two matrons until they were a puddle on the floor. He sighed and turned to search for his favourite redhead.

Deborah had turned back to the amazing view. Words had failed her. The overhead sun was glinting off far away white buildings. She could see the Moulin Rouge windmill and Mont Martre. A fresh, saline smell drifted past her nose and she breathed it in deeply, sighing as she did at the wonderment before her. She only wished that the wire could be removed so that she could have an uninterrupted view of the beautiful city. She was so engrossed in the view and her thoughts that she physically jumped when she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her, one around her waist and the other across her shoulder and the top of her chest.

“Hey babe.” Jon whispered, causing a small shiver to run down her back.

He leant his head on her shoulder and breathed in her perfume. It was a subtle dry scent from Diptyche, a small parfumerie on Boulevard St Germain, and she’d dragged him there before they’d made their way to La Tour Eiffel.

“Hey you,” Deborah responded, leaning back into his embrace, thinking that it felt right to be there, “Isn’t it such a wonderful view?” she continued.

Jon peered down at the swell of her breasts as they rose and fell with each breath and grinned.

“Oh yeah.” he said, his voice husky.

Deborah turned her head slightly to see him and caught him staring at her body.

“Jon, you really are incorrigible you know.” she smiled.

“Hey I can’t help it if I like what I see, can I?” he said, pouting.

“We’re meant to be looking at the view.”

“Oh I am, I’m looking at a great view.”

He shifted his arm slightly so that his forearm brushed the slight swell at the top of her breasts causing Deborah to gasp. She could feel the hardness of his abdomen behind her and she squirmed slightly as a pool of heat began to gather between her thighs.

“So what’s you favourite bit then?” she asked, trying to create a bit of distance between what she was feeling and the fact that they were in public.

“Oh I have so many” he whispered before kissing a spot on her neck just behind her ear.

“I like this bit.”

He kissed her bare shoulder.

“And this bit.”

He turned her head towards him and nibbled along her jaw line.

“And this bit.”

He kissed her forehead softly.

“That bit’s nice too.”

He turned her so that she was facing him.

Deborah looked up at Jon, her eyes huge in her face. She opened her lips slightly as if to say something but never got the chance as he gently lowered his mouth to hers.

Deborah grabbed hold of his tee shirt as he kissed her to stop her knees from buckling.

Jon licked her bottom lip tenderly to gain entry. It worked and soon he pushed his tongue inside her mouth to taste and explore. She tasted of menthol cigarettes and coffee with a hint of chocolate and toothpaste and he wanted more. He wanted to taste her all over, to leave no inch of her skin unlicked.

Deborah moaned deep in her throat and threaded her arms around his neck to pull him in closer to her. She could feel his growing arousal pressing into her belly through his jeans and it was only the sudden presence of the wire fence behind her that reminded her of where they were.

She pulled away from him slightly and opened her eyes to find him grinning at her, his breathing ragged and his beautiful bright blue eyes dilated with lust. He brought his hands up to encompass her face and leant his forehead onto hers, noses touching. Both were slightly surprised as to the amount of passion they had touched in the other. For a moment all they did was look at each other.

“Let’s go home.” Jon whispered, unaware of his use of the word ‘home’.

Deborah just nodded as she was beyond speech.

Jon pulled her close to him and together they made their way off La Tour Eiffel. A few Parisians smiled as they passed by, just another couple in love.

They walked, wordlessly, away from the tower and back to the hotel. After about five minutes Jon let go of Deborah and whistled as a taxi came towards them. They scrambled to get inside and were soon speeding back towards their hotel room.


Jon opened the door to their room and they both entered. The bright flame of earlier had dimmed somewhat as they had both realised, almost at the same time, that they really were going to make love with each other. Both were nervous and apprehensive.

Deborah sat down on the bed. It was actually two single beds zipped together to make a double. She pulled her denim jacket off and dropped it on the floor, along with her sandals. Jon lit up a cigarette and immediately stubbed it out.


“Do you?”

They both spoke at the same time and laughed which helped to break the ice.

Jon moved round the room to sit next to her on the bed. He cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes that shone with apprehension and need.

Gently he kissed her mouth then pulled away.

“We can take this as slowly as you want.” he said, placing his hand over her heart and feeling her rapid heart beat start to slow. He could feel the heat from her skin through the cotton tee shirt she was wearing and he licked his lips.

Deborah stared into his eyes, feeling that she could very easily get lost in them. She leant forward until there was mere millimetres between their mouths. She could feel his breath upon her lips and she subconsciously worried her lower lip between her teeth.

Jon felt his erection straining against his jeans as she breathed on him and he moved forward to fill the space between them. Their mouths met and explored each other with a timidity that belied the passion that raged beneath the surface. Jon slowly began to undo the buttons on Deborah’s teeshirt until her satin covered breasts were bared for his touch. Slowly, tenderly he ran his calloused fingertips over her bra feeling the hardening nubs underneath. Breaking the kiss he lowered his head and sucked one of the small nubs into his mouth, wetting the material of her bra.

Deborah gasped aloud as heat flooded through her system. She was filled with a sudden urge to feel his mouth on her skin and struggled to undo the clasp at the back. Deftly, not even breaking contact, Jon reached behind her and flicked open the clasp with one hand, chuckling deep in his throat at how his years of practice had come in handy.

Deborah shrugged the straps off her shoulder, forcing Jon to release her nipple with a little pop of his mouth. She allowed the material to fall until it landed in her lap and she was properly bared before him. He could almost se her heart beating fast beneath her chest as he drank her in. With a smile he resumed his ministrations on her nipple with his hot, wet tongue whilst gently stroking the other with his hand.

Deborah’s head spun with feeling and heat. No one had ever made her feel like this before and the sensations were overwhelming to her. She whimpered as his hand cupped her full breast, feeling the weight of it.

Gently Jon lay her back on the bed and stretched out beside her, marvelling at her smooth, unblemished skin.

He leant over and kissed her again, feeling her start to relax under his kiss.

“Hmm, I think I’m overdressed.” he murmured, sitting up and removing his teeshirt, boots and shucking his tight jeans, revealing white jockey shorts that left barely kept his burgeoning erection in place. He lay back down beside her and gently kissed her shoulder, licking the smooth skin, tasting her.

Deborah closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations he was creating within her. She could already feel a heat beginning between her thighs and shifted slightly trying to cause a bit of friction there.

Jon noticed her do this and chuckled to himself.

“I think you maybe overdressed as well.” he whispered as he undid her jeans zip and slowly pulled them down and off her legs, leaving her in a small pair of white satin knickers.

She opened her eyes and looked at him as he settled back down next to her, his erection pressing into her hip. Heat rippled through her as he gently traced patterns and swirls on her body with the barest touch of his fingertips. Goosebumps appeared on her skin as she shivered with excitement and anticipation, making her more aroused than she already was.

Slowly he traced a path down to her knickers and delved inside, gently probing through the already sodden curls until he found her nub. He gave it the barest of touches, causing her to jump slightly. She whimpered, her eyes tightly closed.

Waiting for her to relax, he gently stroked the inside of her folds, feeling the wetness seeping from her. He watched the gamut of emotions and sensations run across her face as she finally relaxed. He circled her clitoris gently, getting her used to the sensations that were zipping through her like electricity. He pressed down on the sensitive nub and she tipped her head back and gave a low moan that went straight to the base of his cock, causing it to bob painfully against the constricting elastic of his shorts.

Jon could feel the passion in her just waiting to burst forth and he was going to do his damnedest to make sure he was the one who brought it out of her.

He pressed further and she keened, clutching at the bed sheets, her back raised off the bed.

He lowered himself and began to lick her. Long, lazy swipes of his tongue from the base of her opening to her clit. He gently took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it. He loved the fact that he was giving her pleasure.

Deborah’s eyes flew open and she was lost. Lost in a swirl of feelings, sensations and emotions as her orgasm ripped savagely through her. She screamed and moaned as she writhed on the bed, her internal muscles clenching around nothing, wishing he was inside her to feel it.

“Oh god, Jon…Oh god, oh god, oh god…mmmm.” she moaned as her passion finally broke the dam.

“Oh fuck Jon…get inside…now…please!” she pleaded, not wanting the delicious feelings to fade, wanting, no needing to be stretched and filled by him.

Jon needed no encouragement and, ripping off his shorts, carefully, he crawled up the bed until he was in position, teasing her clit with the tip of his penis, making her jump as the pleasure pain principle took over.

Blindly she reached out for him and tried to impale herself on him. He took the hint and plunged into her.

Jon moaned as she felt the tail end of her orgasm wrap itself around him. Oh god she was so tight and small, he thought he might rip her in two. He closed his eyes allowing the sensations wash over him for a moment or two before he began to thrust in and out of her, marvelling at how tight she was. He opened his eyes and looked down at her as he took all his weight on his elbows. He bent down and tenderly kissed her.

Deborah wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer until he was lying fully on her, thrusting in and out, harder and faster with each thrust. She wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles, wanting all of him inside her. It felt so right.

With each stroke they could feel the white heat spiralling towards them, threatening to overtake them both. Jon thrust as hard and fast as he could and Deborah pulled him into her deeper with every stroke. Heat broke over them and enveloped them in a cloud of pleasure and passion. Jon yelled as he felt her muscles contract around his engorged member causing him to spill his seed inside her.

Deborah felt him spurting inside her and smiled, feeling like she’d come home.

Jon made to move off her.

“No please, stay inside me for a little while, it feels right.” she murmured, pulling him in for another kiss.

After a few moments he slid out of her and curled up around her. He pulled a quilt over them and they drifted off to sleep.

As Jon felt himself drifting he murmured in his sleep.

“I love you.”

Deborah opened her eyes than closed them again, smiling.


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